From Strategy to Implementation, and Why it Matters

Great strategy is one thing – but if it can’t be translated into great implementation, it doesn’t take you very far. Good thoughts here on that topic, plus a helpful guide as to where Strategy Implementation and Project Management converge and diverge.

implementation matters

Last week I discussed how supply chain strategy can be the ‘killer’ strategy for a business.  The examples of Amazon and iTunes disrupting entire industries show particularly how a strategic vision can be translated into results.  Creating that vision didn’t lead directly to results, and the lesson that Amazon and iTunes brings us is not only that they had great strategy, they had great implementation plans as well.  Knowing that the customer experience in retail outlets was not overwhelmingly positive, and that the music industry’s business model was dying from illegal downloads did not guarantee a positive outcome for their new business models.

What Amazon and Apple did was create an implementation plan based on a better customer experience.  When they had their plan they executed against it relentlessly, continuously improving the customer experience.  They didn’t get it 100% right from the start, and they made mis-steps along the way…

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  1. cosmapec2013 says:

    Paul, Thanks for the reblog, and for your kind words on the content. I will read through your blog and ‘folllow’ you. If I see anything that interests my readers, ok if I re-blog or link to it?

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