5. Try the Coat On For Size: 10 Maxims for Impact and Effectiveness

Here’s number 5 in a series of ten maxims I find myself repeating often. 

You don’t really know if that new Burberry is the right coat for you until you’ve tried it on Coatfor size.  You want to know how it looks on you, how it moves with you, if it’s roomy enough or too tight.

If you don’t love it, and if it doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s likely to be underused or find its way to the back of the closet and be forgotten. (I’ve got a few in my own closet.)

In the same way, it’s worth trying on each new strategy for size and to test the fit before you fully launch.

Try the Coat on For Size.

Start by living with it for a bit in your head. Try seeing the world (or your team, or your project, or your company) with the New Coat/Strategy incorporated into it.

Does it feel right? Does it fit with what else you’re doing? Does it take you in a positive (and profitable) direction?

Maybe it’s a new name or brand for a project or product – or even for your company. Drop the name into a conversation or two, internally and externally. How does it feel coming out of your mouth? Do others respond positively, or do they just seem perplexed or disinterested?

Maybe it’s a new approach to building customer relationships. Try it with one customer. What’s the reaction? Does the New Coat/Strategy bring a refreshing and updated look to the relationship, or is the fit “off,” resulting in stress and strain?

Trying the Coat on For Size builds confidence and catches less effective decisions and directions before they’re out of control.

What New Coat/Strategy have you been eyeing? How will you know if it’s a fit?


Check out our previously-posted Maxims for Impact and Effectiveness. I hope they resonate with you as they do with scores of business owners and leaders we have coached, advised, or otherwise helped.

#1 Take the Principled Approach
#2 A VUCA Prime Mindset
#3 Trust but Verify
#4 Don’t Expect a Tree to Be a Rock 

Watch this space for numbers 6-10 – coming soon!

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About Paul Kirpes, TPG Companies

For over 35 years, Paul J. Kirpes, Founder and President of TPG Companies, has transformed businesses, corporations, communities, and ventures in the private and public sectors throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. Paul empowers companies, their owners, and leaders to Transform, Perform and Grow!
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