Here’s What an Award-Winning Entrepreneur Looks Like

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry, President of GENESYS Systems Integrator

I’m so proud of (and excited for) my friend and client Matthew Perry, President and Partner of GENESYS Systems Integrator, recently named a 2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year! This prestigious award illuminates the expertise and passion of GENESYS’ entire team, and it recognizes someone I greatly respect and enjoy.

Since 2012, TPG Companies and I have worked with GENESYS – a global player in systems and technology integration. We can testify to the entrepreneur and leader Matt is, as well as to the vision and energy of Matt’s partner and brother, Pat Perry.

Matt and Pat Perry

Brothers Matt and Pat Perry at the EY Central-Midwest Region Award Ceremony

Early on, we helped GENESYS see the rationale for separating their CEO/President position to fit the respective personalities, interests, and capabilities of the owners. I saw Matt as the right person to take on the role of President, and had the joy of advising, coaching, and mentoring him as he took the reins, restructured the organization, and led its growth with enthusiasm, vigor, and humility.

At a recent breakfast with Matt, I felt again how he makes others feel appreciated and honored. Like how he has said to me, in true Matt style, “I’m so grateful for how much stronger and better I am – and GENESYS is – with you and TPG Companies on our side! And through it all, I am proud to call you a good friend.”

Matt and GENESYS have been through a number of transformations in recent years including, as he says, “becoming less of a commodity and more about bringing value to manufacturers – being a hero to entities who need a company like GENESYS to get them to the next level.”

Matt’s video for the EY award shows his heart for this work. I’ve seen it first hand, having helped create or facilitate more than 25 strategic projects and growth initiatives at GENESYS over the past three years.

As a winner of Ernst & Young’s Central-Midwest Region award, Matt moves forward to the national competition and gala in November 2015. TPG Companies and I are pleased and honored to be trusted and relied upon by such a fine person – and to work with all the leaders and owners of GENESYS Systems Integrator.


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