Meet Carl & Jake Kirpes

I love those moments when, as a parent, one knows that The Kids Are All Right – and they’re being recognized for it.

carl-jakeIt hit me again when I saw Meet Carl & Jake Kirpes as the title of a blog post from the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers.

Carl and Jake are my two oldest – both young professionals in their own right, and actively engaged with careers, themselves, and with the world around them – that give them opportunities to Transform, Perform, and Grow. Happily, both are also contributors to the teams at TPG Companies, and Jake joined TPG full time this year.

Carl and Jake recently co-authored an article, How Industrial Engineering Saved a Company,” for Industrial Management magazine (find a link to it in this blog post about them). In the article, they describe key moves and steps grounded in industrial engineering strategies and methodologies, that helped to turn the business GENESYS around during the Great Recession.

I have three reasons for sharing this with you today:

  1. For businesses that are struggling (especially supply chain industries), Carl and Jake’s article is full of good examples of helpful tools.
  2. If you’ve read many of my prior blog posts, you may notice similarities in approach and tone, between what Carl and Jake describe in their article and how I tend to talk about transforming and growing companies and organizations. Beyond “apples not falling far from the tree”… it’s more like new apple trees taking root and providing more apples for everyone!
  3. What can I say – I’m proud of my kids (all four of them).


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About Paul Kirpes, TPG Companies

For over 35 years, Paul J. Kirpes, Founder and President of TPG Companies, has transformed businesses, corporations, communities, and ventures in the private and public sectors throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. Paul empowers companies, their owners, and leaders to Transform, Perform and Grow!
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