Inspired by Kevin Shikuku

I get inspired by people all the time.Kevin Shikuku

In particular, I get inspired by people who are passionate about improving themselves, their companies and organizations, and the world. It’s what we’re about at TPG Companies, and it’s so exciting to meet others, especially young adults, with that kind of passion. Like Kevin Anungo Shikuku.

A year ago, my Rotary Club was visited by the 2016 Mandela Fellows from multiple African countries who were being hosted by Drake University. I wrote then about my impressive new friend, Evarist Kemsolbaye.

Last month, Drake hosted this year’s Mandela Washington Fellows, and once again I made a connection with an unforgettable young man, Kevin Shikuku. Kevin is from Kenya – a public health officer focused on environmental sanitation and disease control (both communicable and non-communicable diseases). He’s full of ideas, and I won’t be surprised if he makes them happen.

One of Kevin’s big interests is agriculture, so I’m sure Iowa fascinated him. He’s especially passionate about using certain insects to improve life for communities and farmers in western Kenya, while creating agribusiness jobs in the area. One project has to do with producing, packaging, and marketing black soldier flies as an affordable protein source for poultry farmers. Another project involves promoting white flying ants as a sustainable and abundant food source.

Kevin is making things happen – transforming his region and country, and transforming himself in the process. That’s inspiring.


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