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10. Don’t Lose the Core to Do the More: Maxims for Impact and Effectiveness

Tenth and last (for now) in a series of ten maxims I find myself repeating often.  The Next Big Thing can be great – except when it isn’t. In the world of VUCA, permanent whitewater change, and the imperative for … Continue reading

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Who’s Your First Team?

Internal oneupsmanship may have short-term benefits, but long term success comes with seeing the other leaders in the company as your First Team, not your competition. Continue reading

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Lessons from the Way of Tea, Part 1: Navigating Change

Navigating change – whether it’s a wholesale realignment of company practices and behaviors, or agreeing on new Terms & Conditions with a supplier or client – can feel like a minefield. A particularly unyielding employee, a supplier with a thousand … Continue reading

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From Strategy to Implementation, and Why it Matters

Originally posted on implementation matters:
Last week I discussed how supply chain strategy can be the ‘killer’ strategy for a business.  The examples of Amazon and iTunes disrupting entire industries show particularly how a strategic vision can be translated into…

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A Clean Sweep Day for Your Business

A company we know and respect has a little efficiency tradition we like – and want to emulate ourselves. Clean Sweep Day. Or maybe you call it Spring Cleaning. No, this time we don’t mean the business-leader type of Spring … Continue reading

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