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Words Matter: From Transactional to Transformative Language

Too easily, we fall into using the wrong words – and it’s costing us business. “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” –Mark Twain Example: we fall … Continue reading

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Strategic Thinking as a Teachable Skill

Thinking strategically adds value – we know that – but there isn’t some magical class of “strategic thinkers.” Strategic thinking can be learned – I’ve seen it happen often, sometimes developing from the simple discipline of considering TPG Companies’ 4 questions  of … Continue reading

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4 Questions to Focus Your Strategies (and Messages)

Answering 4 simple questions can bring effectiveness and impact to your strategies and messages. Continue reading

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Who’s Your First Team?

Internal oneupsmanship may have short-term benefits, but long term success comes with seeing the other leaders in the company as your First Team, not your competition. Continue reading

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4 Ways for Leaders to Communicate with Honor

Leadership with honor requires communicating with honor. Continue reading

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