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Strategic Thinking According to Kasparov

I enjoy chess, but seldom give myself the time and space to sit down for a game. After reading Harvard Business Review’s interview with world chess champion Garry Kasparov, I’m re-thinking that. Kasparov uses his deep experience with chess to … Continue reading

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5. Try the Coat On For Size: 10 Maxims for Impact and Effectiveness

Here’s number 5 in a series of ten maxims I find myself repeating often.  You don’t really know if that new Burberry is the right coat for you until you’ve tried it on for size.  You want to know how it … Continue reading

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The Decision is Yours

Ever been frozen? No, not the Disney movie. The feeling. Frozen in time, unable to act, unable to move in any direction. Like that terrifying moment when the computer screen goes still and your mouse dances frantically across the mouse … Continue reading

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